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Massage Therapy can be more than just feeling good.  It helps tissues heal faster and releases the muscle knots that can cause pain and stiffness. It improves flexibility and increases circulation. Some clients report that it relieves headaches, pain from arthritis, improves sleep and alertness. Massage increases metabolism and promotes an awareness of potential problems before an injury and a host of other benefits!!!

What to expect...

Please check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing health conditions or medical concerns. The massage therapist will ask if there are any problems of which she should be aware.  Together, you will discuss your goals for the session, such as simple relaxation or relief from a stiff neck. Many massage techniques can be employed during a single session to accomplish those goals so it is not always necessary to know the type of massage by name.

During the massage, you will always be draped with a sheet. Most clients  leave underpants on, but that is not necessary. The therapist will leave the room until you are ready. She will use an oil or cream to glide over the muscles without tugging on the skin. Do not be afraid to ask for a firmer or lighter touch. Everyone is unique in the amount of pressure they can feel comfortable. Talking during a massage is fine, although you may want to just relax. When the massage if finished- you will not believe your time is up!!!

It is not uncommon to have tenderness after a massage, especially the next day. If you feel tenderness or bumps in the muscles, a follow up would be recommended. A session within  the next couple of days will continue the progress. The benefits of massage are cumulative and preventive.

Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue & Sports

Half Hour Massage
The massage therapist will concentrate on a couple of areas, most commonly the back and neck. When working on a specific problem, frequency is important and a half hour works nicely. 

One Hour Massage
One Hour Massage will allow enough time to work the entire body, as well as concentrate on a couple of areas. A full body massage includes back, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, face and scalp. Or you may customize your massage to include only a few areas of concern.    
$70.00 (Cash price $59)

One and One Half Hour Massage  (1.5 Hrs)
There will be time for the whole body as well as concentrate on many areas needing special attention.        
$95.00 (Cash price $84)


Reiki - energy massage - One Hour (1 Hr)

Shiatsu - pressure point - One Hour (1 Hr)

Thai - stretching / yoga - One and One Half Hour (1.5 Hrs)

Couples Massage - One and One Half Hour(1.5 Hrs)

Couples Massage - One Hour (1 Hr)

Hot Stone Couples Massage - One and One Half Hour(1.5Hrs)

Aromatherapy Massage
Choose from our exclusive line of essential oils that will add to the relaxing, soothing, sedating, healing,  and calming affects of the massage. 
Add $4 to any massage

Hot Stone Massage
Uses special smooth stones that are both heated and chilled your therapist will incorporate unique massage techniques with stones and oil that will promote deep relaxation and heating.
One Hour (1 Hr) - $95
One and One Half Hour (1.5 Hrs) - $120

Reflexology - Half Hour (1/2 Hr)
Reduces stress, improves circulation, breaks up crystalline, creates relaxation and detoxification of tissue.

Pregnancy Massage (After first trimester)
One Hour (1 Hr) - $75
One and One Half Hour (1.5 Hrs) - $100

Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy activates the lymphatic system, clears colon blockages, helps activate and clear the veins, activates the skin.
Half Hour (1/2 Hr) - $50
One Hour (1 Hr) - $75



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