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Body Treatments

Steamy Wonder
Promotes deep heat relaxation, detoxifies the tissues, hydrates the skin.
Half hour $30

Body Polishes
Half hour $70

Aromatic Dead Sea Salt Glow
A deep exfoliation using sea salts and aromatic oils to leave skin silky smooth, hydrated & mineralized.
Half hour $75

Body Exfoliation with Glycolic
Start with a gel exfoliation that removes dry skin, followed by glycolic acid. Combination leaves the body's skin silky smooth.
1 Hour $100

"Moor Mud" Body Masque
Relaxes sore or tense muscles, stimulates circulation and improves skin texture and tone. Our mud comes from Moor, Austria, and is the most nutrient filled.
1 Hour $80

Sunless Tanning
Approx 1 hour (1 hr) $55
Sunless Tanning & Body Polish
We suggest an exfoliation before sunless tanning for best results. Tan fades with the loss of dead skin cells. Please come without any lotions, oils or creams on.
Approx 1 and a half hours (1.5 hrs) $85

Body Contouring Wrap
The solution is a highly active concentrate that tones and tightens surface skin while boosting cellular activity. Also restores elasticity and firmness to the tissues. The wrapping provides elimination of toxins through intercellular osmosis into the lymphatic system creating inch loss.
1 Hour $95

"Synergie" System 

Now there is help for people that struggle with unwanted cellulite!
Join many of our clients that are getting ready for the next summer. Our "Synergie" system is helping them loose inches as well as improve the appearance of cellulite.

"Synergie" is  FDA approved for reducing inches and improving the appearance of cellulite. This machine uses pressure as well as suction to increase the blood and the lymph  flow which will increase metabolism. Good metabolism is the key to good health and loosing inches. Most clients are seeing results after the third treatment. Results do vary. No exercise or dieting is required, but as always your results will improve if you do. If you are currently taking hormone replacements results could take longer. 

This is what one of our clients had to say: "I started the "Synergie" treatments and didn't tell anyone what I  was doing, soon my friends started saying 'boy you are looking good'. I have gone down 3 dress sizes and have lost track of the number of inches. I have always battled my weight and this is a godsend. I would recommend the "Synergie" treatments so you can receive that extra help to look and feel better also. I forgot to mention how much more energy I have. It's great". 
Body "Synergie"  $50.00
Face "Synergie"   $35.00

Body suit is needed for the body treatments - Synergie Suit $53 + tax

Ayurveda Spa Treatments with Steam (1 Hour) $110
Choose from...

Spa Wonder - Detox
Boosting the metabolism accelerates detoxification and purification of the body.  

Spa Wonder - Joint & Muscle Pain
This gentle, balancing treatment helps to flush out toxins in the joints and help to reduce inflammation. Full-body massage with therapeutic herbalized oil for joints, followed by a purifying, moist heat treatment.

Spa Wonder - Cellulite Reduction
This treatment releases accumulated toxins in stagnant cellulite areas while exfoliating and softening the skin. Therapeutic essential oils increase circulation and the Ayurvedic massage draws out the toxins.

Ear Candling
Ear candles are hollow candles made of special wax used in order to
help with the cleaning of ears, and various ear disorders. Congestion,
fungus, and infections are easily resolved with the face and neck.

Approx 30 Mins $50.00

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